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THE MORMON BLACK HAWK WAR  Home Page - It is apparent that the decimation of their fellow citizens who are Utah Indians, men, women, little children, are meaninglessness to Utahan's.

SYNOPSIS OF THE BLACK HAWK WAR  "It was a question of supremacy between the white man and the Indian."

PETER GOTTFREDSON IN THE INDIAN CAMPS  Peter spent most of his time in the Indian camps during the war and witnessed the injustices.

ANOTHER TEA POT by Illa Chivers Starting in the late 1940’s and continuing though the 1950’s, the policy in Washington D.C. toward Indians was termination.

WALKER WAR UTE CHIEF WAH-KARA aka (WALKER) 1847-1850 At first Wakara accepted their arrival, even inviting them to settle. History by Tina Kelley and Kathryn L. MacKay

POLITICAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS Set The Stage For The Black Hawk War 1847 - 1865  Domesticated crops, cattle, and farming devastate Native Indians food supply.

FORT UTAH 1850  Jim Bridger offered Hickman $100 for the head of Chief Old Elk following the deadly fight at Battle Creek. Barely in his twenties, young Black Hawk is witness the murder of his family.

HOW THE BLACK HAWK WAR BEGAN 1865  "We had to do these things, or be run over by them. It was a question of supremacy between the white man and the Indian."

THE "SQUAW FIGHT" AT GRASS VALLEY MASSACRE 1865   Over a dozen Ute women and children gunned down indiscriminately.

THE DEATH OF CHIEF SANPITCH NEAR MANTI 1866  Wounded, the chief makes his escaped only to have his throat slit near Moroni.

CIRCLEVILLE MASSACRE 1866  One by one their throats were cut and their bodies thrown to the ground.

EXCERPTS From Indian Depredations in Utah  1865-1873 The battles they fought.

DIAMOND BATTLE JUNE 26, 1866 Chief Mountain wounded. Research finds discrepancies in the story!

Chief Black Hawk Wounded in Battle at Gravelly Ford in 1866  "Black Hawk's good fortune again befriended him."

THE DEATH OF BLACK HAWK 1870  It was Black Hawk's "Mission of peace."

SIGNING OF THE TREATY AT MOUNT PLEASANT ENDING THE BLACK HAWK WAR 1872 "You need never to fight the Indians, but if you want to get rid of them try to civilize them." Brigham Young advocated that "a sack of flour will kill more Indians than a keg of powder." -1866 the Denver Rocky Mountain News

LIFE AMONG THE UTES 1872 Told by Peter and Hans Gottfredson - Profiles the humor, generosity, character and superstitions of the Native people.

UTE Leaders and Interesting FACTS 1847-1875 Taken from Indian Depredations In Utah by Peter Gottfredson      (a work in progress)


TALES OF THE OLD WEST 1857-1874 by Peter Gottfredson (Biography) "One sailor was not working to suit the Captain, he picked up a rope with a heavy hook in the end, and from behind struck the sailor on the head with the hook, killing him instantly. I stood close by watching..."

EULOGY to Peter Gottfredson 1938  "He was a busy man and the men who think of Peter Gottfredson are the men who think of the grandness of his character."

WHO WAS PETER GOTTFREDSON? by great-grandson Phillip B Gottfredson

SAVAGE DOMESTICATION "The beatings will continue until moral improves" Phillip Gottfredson concludes his work on the Black Hawk war and makes his final statements. Included is some of his biography. "I could have written everything in a softer way, but then perhaps some would not have awakened enough to care." - Phillip Gottfredson



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1847-1874 Over 640 names from the book Indian Depredations in Utah.  Folks, I have divided this page into two pages so it will load much faster. If you have dialup both pages will take about 15 seconds each to load.

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    1866 Map of the Black Hawk War     

 See where the battles took place during the war!

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 1. Tribes of The Indian Nation map.  

 2. Tribal Locations in America Past and Present Map


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Salt Lake Tribune Article by historian and columnist Will Bagley 2002  

"Thanks to organizations like the Sons and Daughters of Utah Pioneers, we have literally thousands of diaries and autobiographies in which the people who lived Utah’s history tell us what they saw and felt. Few of these histories are as valuable as a Danish immigrant’s (Peter Gottfredson's Indian Depredations in Utah) account of Utah’s Indian wars."

Grand Opening celebrations of the Smithsonian's

National Museum of the American Indian in Washington DC. 2005   

Hundreds of thousands from all over the world celebrated this event the fulfillment of a 500 year old Hopi prophecy. We were there for this historic event, and bring to you this firsthand account.



For educators and American Indian people relationships


 A Tribute to My Late Friend Alvin E. Begaye

Religious and Cultural Beliefs of the Native American Indian. 


A Tribute to Chief Noonch Antonguer Black Hawk " a warrior of peace."    


Native American Indian Poetry

I am honored to have these poems in my collection. Where they came from I have no answer. I found them as I was going through old boxes of things from many years ago. I cannot find out who wrote them. This is not everything, I will add more as I can.


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